Vodafone India has now merged with Idea Cellular to combat Jio

Vodafone has now merged with Idea to combat Jio

We have seen some good efforts by other telcos to tackle Jio. Big telcos like BSNL and Airtel have dropped the price of their data, calling and other special packs, hoping that this would stop their users from switching/porting to Reliance Jio. Nothing worked out as such. The biggest step that any telcos has taken to curb the Jio effect is by Vodafone and Idea.

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunication (telcos) company with it headquarters at London, England. Vodafone was not there is India. If you remember, it acquired Hutch and started functioning in India a decade ago. Vodafone stands for Voice Data Fone. Vodafone was founded in 1991. Idea, on the other hand is an Indian company from the scratch. It was found in the year 1995 with it’s headquarters in Mumbai, India.

As you have guessed from the name of the post that Idea and Vodafone India have merged to form the largest telecom company of the country. Without a second thought, it’s easy to guess that this huge step has been done to save themselves from the wrath of Reliance Jio. Jio, has literally wiped out all the other telecom operators in India.

Vodafone will own 45.1 percent of the new establishment. About 4.9 percent of the establishment has been transferred to Idea promoters. The percentage amount in cash is roughly 38.74 billion rupees. Idea holds 26 percent of the shares, as well as the right to appoint a new Chairman of the newly established merger.

According to the facts, Vodafone-Idea merger is going to the biggest telecom company in the world. The total number of users from the merger is expected to be something around 387 million users.

Reliance Jio had spread like wild fire since it was launched. It offered free data, calls and messaging. Therefore, people were automatically drawn towards them. The free offer was supposed to get over by 31st December, 2016. But, Reliance somehow managed to pull it off til March 2017.

Even though Jio is going to be payable after 10 days to so, customers are still going to use it owing to the cheap calls, messages and unmatched data. Are you a Jio user? Are you a Vod’fone user? Are you a Idea user? Doesn’t matter. Share this article with your friend to let them know what war in going on in-between the telecom operators.

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