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Smart Wallpaper App Review by Gadget Woman

Change is the only constant. Right? If the change happens on it’s own, it’s good. But being humans, we love to do as minimum work as possible. In this post we will be sharing about an app that let’s you change the wallpaper of your Android phone.

About Smart Wallpaper App

This app is designed by feedK. They are developers based in Sweden. For software compatibility, you Android phone has to run on any version of Android 4.1 or above. The cumulative rating of the app is 4.1 which is quite decent in our opinion. Smart Wallpaper app accesses a bunch of item from your phone. These are – location, photo/media/files, storage, Wi Fi connection, and some other basic information.

We checked how much the app actually occupied in the hard drive after installation. It turned out to be 19 MB. However, the app size increases gradually. We will explain it some time later in the same article.

Smart Wallpaper App size just after downloading

What does Smart Wallpaper App do?

As the name suggests (Small Wallpaper), this app changes the wallpaper of your device depending on a couple of factors. These factors are – Part of the day, Weekdays, Month, Wi Fi Network, Weather and Random.

How does Smart Wallpaper App work?

Once you download the Smart Wallpaper app, make sure you go to Setting>>Apps>>Smart Wallpaper and give it permission. Once you have the permissions granted, this is the main UI of the app.

UI of Smart Wallpaper App

As you can see the categories here, you can keep only one category active. Click on any one of the categories and simply go ahead with editing it. We will show you one of the categories here. Let’s click on the category Random.

How to configure a category in Smart Wallpaper App

Click on the Plus (+) sign and you can either add images from the phone gallery or from the gallery in the Smart Wallpaper app. If you add images from your phone, there is no issues. But if you decide to add images from their gallery, the size of the app will increase. However, the images they provide are really pretty and are high definition images.


Downloading one of the image from the Smart Wallpaper App gallery
Downloading one of the image from the Smart Wallpaper App gallery

Once the images are downloaded, allot them a time duration.

Select time period of a particular wallpaper

Once you are done, go back to the main screen of the app. Make sure you click the Activate option on top.

Pros of using Smart Wallpaper App

This app will change the wallpaper of your device without any effort from your end. You will always enjoy looking at the phone at any time of the day. It can be a source of giving your mood a lift. You can select the pictures of your loved ones and keep changing them at fixed intervals throughout the day.

Cons of using Smart Wallpaper App

  • The app starts with 19 MB. This is quite huge as compared to many apps that we use on a daily basis and is out necessity. If you are running low on storage, this app is not something which should be in your phone. As you keep adding images to the gallery, the size of the app increases.
  • The developers also claim that battery loss is very minimal. However, I wouldn’t agree completely to it. Battery would be consumed while changing the wallpaper which won’t be lost when the phone is in doze mode.

We hope you liked our review of Smart Wallpaper app. If you want to say anything to the developer, mail to them at If you want to say anything to us, shoot us in the comments below.

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