OPPO upcoming phones will come with 5X dual camera zoom technology

OPPO upcoming phones will come with 5X dual camera zoom technology

Mobile World Congress is in full swing. Everyone is trying to announce out-of-the box features just to stand out. Oppo is here with a unique feature that would be henceforth present in all their phones and not just premium phones.

The feature that we are talking about is 5X ZOOM! Yes, that right. On top of that, the phone’s zooming will not affect the image quality. That sounds quite unbelievable because every phone out their messes the photo quality big time with the zooming. But it will be interesting to see how things work out.

According to Oppo, the design of the upcoming camera would enable the company to kill the extra bump and keep the thickness of the device up to 5.7 mm thickness. The camera will also have OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) by default so that the images are great even when the camera is in motion. The prism and telephoto lens (as explained later) helps in OIS.

The zooming of the device works with the help of two sensors and a zoom mechanism which is inspired by periscope. The zoom mechanism is not a new concept as Asus had already implemented it last year in ZenFone Zoom. But according to Oppo, they have taken this design a bit furthur. The light enters the module and gets reflected by a prism into that waiting lens.

VP, OPPO, MD of International Mobile Business & President of OPPO, Mr. Sky Li said, “The 5X Dual Camera Zoom has opened up yet another realms of possibility in terms of smartphone photography, and is a reflection of our dedicating to delivering on what customers want and need – to take beautiful and clear pictures”.

Here’s a video :

As wonderful as everything sounds, let’s see how the device turns out. But there are already people who has got a hands-on on the device and are already praising about it. There are also rumors that the 5X optical zoom feature might be location specific. If that is real, it would be a very sad thing for country like mine (India) as there are very less chances that this might be available to us.

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