Must Have Apps for Daily Commuter

We all travel everyday. Starting from a couple of minutes to some hours. It depends completely on us how we spend that time. Some want to listen to songs, some like to read news paper or some other articles, some prefer watching videos while the majority would prefer dozing.

Must Have Apps for Daily Commuters

Besides spending the time, there are also other factors which has to be kept in mind while travelling. If our travel includes a lot of cab rides, we have to keep a cab booking app handy. Also, if you are in a new city, you have to constantly keep an eye on the map to know where the driver is taking you.

We decided to end all the doubts and queries and have compiled a list of Must Have apps for daily commuter.

Must Have Apps for Daily Commuter


Pocket is another must have another of the must-have apps for daily commuter. As a blogger and content writer myself, it is important for me to read a lot of articles. Having to daily commute, it is important that I use the time in the most efficient way I can. Sleep is not an option as it disrupts my schedule.

Blogging makes me read a lot of articles from different websites. But since my time with the desktop is limited, I had to look for an alternative to read the blogs that I followed. I came across this app in Play Store named Pocket. This app lets you safe articles (text only) in offline mode in your phone. Hence you can read them at your. You have to install the app from Play Store and a plug-in of the same in the browser.


Ola or Uber is slowly reaching every corners of the country. It started with the metropolitan cities and then it is slowly spreading to small towns as well. It is very important to have one of these in your phone. The prices are reasonable. Incase you find it expensive, you can always opt-in for car pooling i.e. sharing a cab with other passengers. This is an online app, unlike the other must have apps for daily commuter which is offline.


There is one specific reason for YouTube making to this list of apps for daily commuter. If you guessed the feature as the offline feature, you are RIGHT! If you are not familiar with this feature, let me explain this to you. You can download the files in your phone by simply clicking the downward arrow sign. We all know how bad the internet connections of the country are. Moreover, connections are not reliable at all if you are travelling. Not specifically travelling, this particular features comes handy if we want to watch a video seamlessly on YouTube.

If you want to know how (or where) exactly the files are stored, i’ll have to be slightly technical here. The videos are stored in the internal memory of the device is the .exo file format. These files are specific to a device i.e. if you try to access the same files on any other Android device by signing with the same email ID, you won’t be able to view them.

These files can be played only via the YouTube app. This happens because the entire video is broken down into several chunks and encrypted. These encrypted files are converted to .exo format and stored in your device. It is impossible for any video player to assemble these chunks into a single video. Meanwhile, YouTube decrypts them in real time and plays the video for us!

Here Maps

Here Maps is an amazing app that’s apt to make to this list of apps for daily commuter. I came across this app sometime back in Play Store. This app is map in offline. You might argue with me saying GMaps offers the same service (partly). In GMaps, you have to know the place before hand so that you can download the map of that area before hand.

However, what happens if you goto a new city? Let’s say you knew the city but the driver takes you through another route. There would be no way you could track yourself in the absence of internet. To be on the safe side (and get rid of all the complexities), you can keep this app in your phone.


A lot of our professions are tending towards being creative. It’s tough for people like me who have an extraordinary tendency to forget stuffs to re-call any idea that had struck me sometime the same day. It is not possible to have a notepad and pen with me all day. But I do carry my Lenovo K6 power no matter where I go. I keep Evernote handy whenever I get some new idea. The best thing is, it’s offline.


A must have apps for daily commuter! Not particularly daily commuter, it is a great app for someone travelling or driving. How would you love to listen to a nice discussion of your favorite celeb. One reason why SoundCloud is in this list because it is offline. You can download all these songs and listen offline. This app comes with a bunch of other features which makes it better than other apps. I will leave that up to you to discover.

It must be kept in mind that these apps for daily commuter is strictly my personal opinions. If you have any conflicting views on these apps, let me know in the comments below.

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